Police says there’s no ‘zombie attack’ in Bukidnon

A photo of a man being attacked and bitten in different parts of his body in Valencia City, Bukidnon went viral on social media last week, which triggered some news by netizens of an alleged “zombie attack” in the city.

However, the Valencia City Police Station debunked the “zombie attack” rumors, urging the public to refrain from exaggerating information and stop spreading unverified information on social media to prevent panic.

Valencia City police chief investigator Lt. Pablo Jugos Jr. said the incident, which occurred on February 17 in Barangay Tungan-tungan, was just a “rare physical assault” involving two individuals.

Jugos said the rumor might have been triggered by the fact that the suspect, Carl Clinton Colinas, not only mauled the victim, identified as Anthony Arimas, but also pierced his eyes using his fingers, bit his fingers and sucked his blood.

“The people must not worry as there was no zombie attack that happened in the city. We must be very careful in sharing information, especially on social media. The police will always provide intensive security to protect the residents,” Jugos said.

Based on police investigation, Arimas, 30, a resident of the area, said he heard someone yelling between midnight and 1:00a.m. and when he went outside to check, he saw Colinas being chased.

Jugos said Colinas and his live-in partner had a misunderstanding earlier in the day, which might have triggered his aggressive act.

“The suspect also had a history of going into rehabilitation over illegal drug use,” he said.

But during interrogation, Colinas claimed he did not take any drugs but was under the influence of alcohol.

Colinas is now detained at the Valencia City Police Station while Arimas is still undergoing treatment at a hospital.

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