US, EU set sanctions vs Russia

The United States and several European countries have imposed a package of sanctions against Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s recognition of the two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent republics. US President Joe Biden, who condemned Putin’s move and called it as the “beginning of a Russian invasion” of its neighbor, said the sanctions target Russia’s sovereign debt as well as two large Russian financial institutions, including the country’s military bank. “That means we’ve cut off Russia’s government from Western financing. It can no longer raise money from the West and cannot trade in its new debt on … Continue reading US, EU set sanctions vs Russia

Russia now on the brink of a Ukraine invasion: US

The United States believed that Russia is now on the brink of an invasion on Ukraine after it received an unspecified intelligence of movements by Russian troops along the Ukrainian border. The US warned that Russian troops stationed along the borders of Ukraine now numbering more than 100,000. “We are in the window and an invasion could begin — a major military action could begin — by Russia, in Ukraine, any day now. The world should be prepared for Russia staging a pretext and then launching a potential military action,” said Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser. Aside from … Continue reading Russia now on the brink of a Ukraine invasion: US

US, Russia optimistic January talks could ease tensions

Just days ahead of the scheduled diplomatic talks in January, United States President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin virtually met on Thursday to discuss delicate issues related to Ukraine. Both presidents exchanged warnings against each other over Ukraine but jointly expressed optimism that the January diplomatic talks could ease spiraling tensions. In the 50-minute video call, which was requested by Putin, Biden said he wanted to see Russia decrease its military build-up near Ukraine while the Russian president also aired that the sanctions the US and its allies threatened could lead to a rupture in ties. Kremlin aide … Continue reading US, Russia optimistic January talks could ease tensions