Davao del Sur hospital downgraded to infirmary level

From a Level 2 hospital, the Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital (DSPH) has been downgraded to an infirmary category due to the failure of the hospital’s top officials to submit all necessary documents for the renewal of its accreditation with the Department of Health (DOH).

Dr. Teodora M. Eugenio, OIC-Director of the DOH Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau (HFSRB), conveyed the DOH’s decision through a letter dated Jan. 24, 2022 addressed to DSPH chief Dr. Jaime Marcelo Razo.

In the letter, Eugenio said the downgrading of DSPH, which is owned and operated by the provincial government of Davao del Sur, took effect on January 20 and lasts until December 31, 2022.

As an infirmary, the DSPH is only allowed to provide minimal to intermediate care and management in the areas of medicine, pediatrics, non-surgical obstetrics and gynecology, and minor surgery.

The DSPH is the only Level 2 government hospital in the province, which also serves residents from the neighboring towns and areas.

Eugenio said they sent a letter to Razo on Jan. 14 through e-mail informing him of the status of the hospital’s renewal application for 2022 and gave DSPH a compliance period of six days to settle all the noted deficiencies.

However, Eugenio said the hospital failed to submit all the lacking documents within the specified time frame, which prompted them to issue the new category.

Among the documents that DSPH failed to submit include a copy of the official receipt from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the renewal of the hospital’s X-ray facilities and pharmacy, a self- assessment form for medical X-ray for quality assurance and control, and calibration of the mobile X-ray machine.

Eugenio said the DSPH also failed to post the prices of its hospital services at hfpa@doh.gov.ph as required by the DOH while its ambulance was still specified as Type l instead of the required Type II.

However, Davao del Sur Governor Marc Douglas Cagas said Razo did not receive any notice on the requirements that need to be submitted, blaming instead the DOH for the situation.

In a public statement issued on Wednesday, Cagas said the e-mail that Eugenio mentioned was sent to Hospital Administrator Wilrose Bismanos, and not to Razo.

Department of Health Region 11 director Dr. Annabel Yumang confirmed the downgrading of the DSPH but refused to give her comments.

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